Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A fever for Timor Leste

I must admit, back in the states I do what I can to avoid trips to the doctor.  I try to live a healthy life, and fight my way through sickness without medicine.  When abroad, I am exceptionally thankful for western medicine. 
I came down with a fever a few days ago, along with cold-like symptoms.  I rode it out for a while, but after looking at a few medical pages online I decided that it would be best to visit a medical clinic.  Stamford Medical Ltd. in Dili was founded in 2013, and hosts a full range of services.  They provide medical care in 15+ languages.  It wasn't particularly easy to find the place via taxi, but we eventually made it.

The sign from outside.
After the first night of strong fever symptoms, I thought it was worth waiting through another day to see how things progressed.  The next day and night were still uncomfortable, but not as bad.  But still bad enough to go into the clinic this morning.  Dr. Christiane Pfeiffer-Pinto performed her analysis and revealed some interesting information.  She has observed a strong decline in the number of malaria cases in her 10 years in Timor Leste, and recommends that those who stay here for long-term periods do not need to take prophylactics to protect against the malaria parasite.  However, Dengue Fever is much more common.  My bloodworks suggests that I have a virus, but is more consistent with a flu than Dengue because I am not afflicted with body pain, nausea, or vomiting.  The next few days will be telling, and if my health does not improve, it could be Dengue.  Good times.
Overall, this is somewhat relieving because it seems that I have a flu.  I can't say I have ever hoped to have the flu, but I do now.  

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