Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adventures traveling in and around Jakarta

Banda Arc project PI Dr. Meghan Miller and colleague Nova Roosmawati have been establishing the project by finalizing visas, travel permits, immigration paperwork, and much, much more.  Over the past few weeks, they have visited RISTEK (Research Permitting Agency), Immigration, Police, our host institution ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), and Kupang (our future field base).  A recent trip to acquire topographic maps of the field area provide a small snapshot of the experience so far: 

1) It took 2 hours to get the Badan Informasi Geospasial agency (BIG) by car, about 60 km outside Jakarta

2) We took the commuter train back to central Jakarta which was awesome! It has a "women only car" that is pink, and even though it is 92 deg F and 92% humidity outside if smells nice.  Plus, it is filled with laughing, cheerful women.

Meghan and Nova - riding with style

3) We got off the train at the wrong stop so we took a bajaj to our hotel.  So much fun! The whole trip was chaos but we now have 214 paper 1:25,000 scale topo maps for the project.  P.S. There is warning to not eat stinky durian fruit on the train!!

Among various warnings of what not to do on train, eating durian is one of them (far right)
Stay posted as the install of 22 seismic stations in the Indonesian portion of the Banda project unravels!

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