Monday, September 15, 2014

BMKG visit during Molucca Sea earthquake

Nova and I visited BMKG in Jakarta on September 10th to formally establish our collaboration with them on the Banda arc project. We had a tour of their earthquake and tsunami warning center ... which is awesome.  But the best part was the M6.3 earthquake in the Molucca Sea that happened while we were there! Alarms went off, phones ringing, "earthquake, earthquake", lights flashing, analysts quickly picking waveforms to update the location and focal mechanism, watching the seismic waves arrive from all across Indonesia in real time!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! And no tsunami or damage!
Earthquake and tsunami warning center ... kinda like NASA!

Wear during an earthquake!  (No one did though).

Waveforms appearing in realtime as they travel across the archipelago.

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