Friday, March 27, 2015

Another earthquake clearly recorded in Timor Leste

While making our data collection run, we are rewarded with sneak peeks of the data we so diligently work to gather.  A significant event occurred mid-way through our time in Timor Leste that occurred ~1200 km north of our array.  

The 17 March, 2015 Molucca Sea event (Mw6.2, 46km deep) taken from the USGS summary page
We visited four stations after this event happened, giving us seismologists a dose of instant gratification!  Well deserved, according to my sweaty, sunburned opinion.

Vertical channel record from stations in Timor Leste.  The P-wave is very
clear as the first arriving energy (look at time axis on bottom of page)
around 22:15, and the surface wave shows up around 22:18.
No S-wave?  Why not (trick question)???????
(top to bottom) Oecussi, Maliana, Same, Los Palos

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