Saturday, April 4, 2015

Timor Leste and the Crocodile

The multi-cultural composition of Timor Leste gives rise to many legends of natural phenomena.  Across the range of unique geographic regions of the country, admiration towards the ancient reptile is ubiquitous.  In fact, a common legend is that of The Crocodile Story (check out this link further for more Timor Leste history). The shape of the island is commonly described to resemble the crocodile.

Timor Island, half Indonesia (west) and half Timor Leste.  
Visits in March 2014 and 2015 provided opportunity to see
crocodile in the eastern part, between stations TL06 and TL08.

On our return trip from Los Palos - the easternmost station in the array - we saw a croc swimming upriver.  We had successfully reinstalled a repaired seismometer in Viqueque and collected data is Los Palos before heading back to Dili. Pulling aside on the bridge crossing a small river:

In middle of river, the head and part of back is exposed.

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