Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back to Flores and Kelimutu volcano

Entering the stretch run of field work, we were joined by my lovely wife Maggie.  We began in central Flores in the town of Ende and visited four stations. Three were working in perfect order, and one was having multiple problems.  Three visits later, one severed GPS cable and a recharging of the battery, and some issues with a torrential downpour led to a successful stabilization of our station near Borong
Maggie in full supervisor mode.  Full immersion in mud
was required to restore this station.
This hard battle provided excellent context to take a short detour towards Kelimutu National Park.  Absolutely spectacular.  This volcanic center hosts three crater lakes of different colors, representing one of the well-known jewels of the Nusa Tenggara province. Starting from the adjacent village of Moni at 5am, we made it to the top of the park for a misty sunrise.  A bit later, the sun cracked through and the volcano was revealed in full glory. 

Nova and Maggie

The central crater lake

Central and lower lake

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