Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spring 2016 service coming up!

Hi all! New blogger, Rob, here, just getting ready for a service run in March 2016. We're starting the service in Timor Leste, with Prof. Miller and I servicing stations in the young country with our hosts and collaborators at IPG. Once we've collected the data from those stations, I'm heading to Kupang to meet with Nova and tour around the Indonesia stations. I'm planning to try and vlog during the trip, such as my summer in Japan (, to hopefully give a new media element to this blog. I may be limited by available technology and internet access, but I'll try to put together a video or two per week of the 4-5 week trip.

A little more about me: I've known Leland since 2007 when we worked together on a field deployment in northern California. An interesting coincidence of that northern California project is that it had three PIs from three different institutions: my PhD advisor, Leland's PhD advisor, and one of Meghan's Postdoc advisors. A couple years after that project, the three of us (re-)united at USC for a couple years of sciencing. As a scientist my interests are pretty broad within structural seismology. I've done imaging at the scale of the crust and upper mantle (maximum depth of ~50-100 km) and at larger scales down below the mantle transition zone (~670 km depth). Spanning these scales gives me a really unique and I think strong view of the subduction process, which is really what drives the plate tectonic cycle. Recently, my focus has been on an ambient noise tomography based model of the Banda region from our data. I'm heading to the field in a couple days, but the plan is to have a paper based on that model submitted before I go.


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