Friday, March 17, 2017

Goodbye Dili! For now?

6 stations done, 14 to go! This past week I've been touring around Timor Leste with Atoy - the lead mechanic for IPG, an awesome driver, and a pretty fun guy, even if we do have a bit of a language barrier. Now I'm preparing to fly to the Oecussi station Saturday morning, where I'll meet Teo and Atoy. Its a complicated station because Oecussi is separated from Dili by Indonesian land and visas are complicated. But once we get this station done, I'm done with Timor Leste for this trip. Its an interesting country and really makes me think about history and infrastructure and society. It'd really be great if everyone in the more developed world had a chance to visit here for perspective. But I think that window may be closing soon because I think this country is really developing quite quickly. For instance, I've been spending the last couple days in Dili working on trying to figure out how to telemeter some seismic stations. They're almost there and just need a little help to configure dataloggers to send data through the cellular network to their office in Dili.

Little 3 minute video with photos from the first leg of the trip:

Beautiful mountain valley on the road from Same to DIli

A waterfall along the road from Same to Dili

Atoy and me at lunch near Same

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