Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rob and Nova, back for a service run

Hi, Rob here. I'm back in Dili for a service run of our stations in Timor Leste and then to service some new stations from Australia. Nova and I were on a flight together from Seoul to Bali, but we split so she could go visit family for a while in Jakarta while I take care of Timor Leste. We'll meet up soon to do a few stations in Indonesia.

Nothing too much to report. I've serviced our station in Dare and in Atauro and both were working well. Now I'm taking some downtime before preparing for a 4 station run around eastern Timor Leste with Atouy before coming back for Maliana and Oceussi stations.

Getting ready to take a motorboat from the ferry to Atauro

My first coconut of the trip! Cut by the village leader in Atauro.

And the after picture...

I forget what this is called, but the yellow, spiced rice is served in this wrap made of palm leaves. Very tasty.

Yes, this is a picture looking out on the clearest blue sea from a little island paradise.

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