Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rote - the service run sunset

We're done! All the stations have been checked, data has been downloaded, and the data and I are ready to return to LA. Nova's been great this whole trip and it would be hard to say goodbye, so instead we're saying sumpai jumpa lagi (see you soon!)

Since the last blog update, we've finished Flores and enjoyed ginger coffee with a sunset. Then, short stop in Kupang before we flew immediately to Rote. On Rote, we had two stations to do. One of the Rote stations is located on an amazing oceanside resort so we couldn't help but stay a couple nights there.

On the way to Ende, we found and tried fresh durian. Despite all the fear around the fruit, it was actually pretty tasty and didn't smell at all.

From Ende, where we enjoyed fried bananas and ginger coffee.

Relaxing in Rote with the job done.

One last sunset (and bintang)

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