Saturday, March 5, 2016

Waiting in Dili

We're unable to get to our last two stations until Monday, so I'm just waiting around in Dili. This has given me a little chance to check some data and I thought I'd make a nice little record section of a big earthquake from the Bonin Islands which was picked up on the last trip.
Each wiggle is a different station in the Banda Arc array. They are sorted by distance and filtered to show signals from 10 to 100 seconds period. You can clearly see the first arriving P wave on the far left, then a series of bumps associated with bounces off the core. Eventually there's the S wave and then a simple surface wave. 

I had a little walk around the north shore of Timor and noticed some beautiful outcrops. Looks like a blueschist faces schist; this is part of the mélange unit within the Banda Terrane. I'm somewhat reminded of the Franciscan unit found throughout California and makes me wonder if there's a similar tectonic history, just shifted in time.
The water is calm and beautiful. I especially love the mountains jutting out into the sea.
Finally, here's a couple "talk to the camera" videos I took as I walked around the north coast. Sorry they're a bit shaky; my phone is not an ideal video camera.

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